The leader of a militant faction named "Incognito" that seeks to stop the Princess Ecarlate before she can be wed and bring peace to the land. Swears vengeance on "DT" after getting hit twice in the testicles so hard that a doctor is forced to remove them early on in the series (his name and character is a comedic reference to "ED", or "Erectile Dysfunction."). He was given Calibre after losing his Alma Gear. Despite being labeled as the antagonist in the series, he is rather honorable and fights clean, unlike his more opposite, "DT." At the end of the series he receives Mariandale's testicles.


Driven by his sense of duty, he starts out very confident in himself and his abilities he gained from experience teamed with his Alma weaponry. Though he quickly begins to lose face after his initial encounter with DT due to losing his testicles. He then sets his mind to vengeance which is never satisfied for one reason or another.